Stronghold (2016)



Our season started at the end of October, and we have been very busy training in new members.  This training season we have put a lot of focus on working with pneumatic systems, an area we have struggled with in the past, and perfecting our design process in preparation for the beginning of build season.  We have had the chance to participate in two mini-regionals, one hosted by the Roseville Firebears, and the other the Minni Mini Regional hosted by King Tec.  We did very well at one regional, and although we did not place as well at the second we were glad to use it as a learning experience. Our Media department is currently going through the branding process and updating our logo.  We are looking forward to finding out what new challenge will face this year.


Week One

On January 9th, 2016, we received our task: Stronghold. This week we split into brainstorming groups to decide what we want our robot to do. Our strategy is to be able to navigate the field, to weaken defenses, and to score via the low goal. The following week will consist of finalizing prototype designs, manufacturing said prototypes and building field elements to practice with.

Week Two

This week marked the start of prototyping the components of our robot. Our drive train was selected and the build team has been split into small groups to create  They will also be in charge of deciding upon which design we will build as a final product. Our Media Department has finished creating an updated logo and is beginning to design our giveaway item for this year.

Week Three

This week marked the end of our prototyping stage and the beginning of the build process of our competitive robot. We plan on being able to climb the castle wall, breach all of the defenses, and score into the low goal.  Our team standard is in the process of being designed by our Media Department.

Week Four

We accomplished a lot this week, as we officially tested out our robot on some of the various defenses for the first time.  We hope to have the robot completed by the end of week 5.  Despite the fact that we had to cancel one of our work days due to heavy snow, we have worked hard to ensure we remain on schedule.  In addition, the team set aside most of Saturday’s work day in order to bag groceries at the local Cub Foods.  We are proud to say that we have submitted our Chairman’s award, and we will continue to work on our video.

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