Recycle Rush (2015)

Build Season

Week One

On January 3, 2015 we received our task for this year: Recycle Rush. This past week we have been in design groups deciding how we will approach and manipulate this game. We started by deciding what we want to do during the autonomous period: moving our tote, recycling bin, and robot into the auto zone. Afterwards we decided what we were going to do doing during teleop; we will stack the totes in fours, and then place the recycling bin on top-all while moving as fast as possible. We are currently in the middle of prototyping, which involves a lot of wood cutting and trying out different arms. We will probably continue this process until Thursday when we will choose which design will work best and then we will begin building our actual robot.

Week Two

This week has been devoted primarily to prototyping; the team separated into groups to build different parts and possibilities for our robot.  Our design includes a combination of a grabber and lifter, allowing us to pick up and raise both totes and bins.  There has been some debate over how to style our chassis, the robot’s structure, but we now have a steady prototype.  We have decided upon a mecanum drive train, allowing for easy omni-directional movement, and are experimenting with the roboRIO control system on last year’s robot.  As the end of the week approaches and we finish the prototypes and roboRIO modifications, we are preparing for a code test. Wish us luck!

Week Three

This past week we have decided to use a single screw drive mechanism, and we are proud to say the final product can hold and lift 6 totes at once.  The robot is coming along and after getting behind last week we hope we’ve gotten back on track to finishing before bagging day.  We have also been hard at work on our giveaway, buttons, now that the design is complete.

Week Four

This week we have made the decision on which rollers we are using on the lifting mechanism-vertical rails and gliders-and we are working on completing the ‘fingers’ on our robot’s arm.  This week’s challenge is to figure out how to detach the arms so that our robot fits in the allotted transport space.  Our Giveaway is coming along well, and we are close to completing our thousand buttons.

Week Five

We have made a lot of progress this week, putting the arm, lifting mechanism, and electrical board on the robot.  We hope to have the robot ready for programming soon.  This year we plan on making a junkbot, and that has been designed and nearly completed this week.  Our media team has also completed our thousand competition buttons, and is making some special edition buttons to give away at the practice regional we are hosting Week Zero in collaboration with team 2052, the Knightcrawlers.  To show robotics pride and to spread FIRST’s message, we decorated a hallway for our school spirit week.

Week Six

This week we have completed and programmed our robot.  As build season comes to an end, our drive team is practicing with the robot in preparation for the upcoming competitions. We are also preparing for the Week Zero Practice Regional we host with team 2052, the Knightcrawlers.

Week Zero

We hosted a Week Zero Practice Regional, dubbed the Sweetheart Regional as it is held Valentine’s Day Weekend, this week with team 2052 the Knightcrawlers.  This event was a huge success, the number of teams attending increasing from last year.  Thank you to all the teams that attended, and we wish everyone good luck at the upcoming competitions.

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