Power Up (2018)


Our pre-season was focused on training in new members. Along with training, we attended Prior Lake’s Mini-Regional.

Build Season – Week 1:

This week kicked off our 2018 season. We were introduced to this year’s game, Power Up. Most of this week has consisted of team brainstorming, specifically, a game strategy and robot design. We have successfully come up with a design, and each department is in the process of their respective projects. Our Mechanical department is in the early stages of prototyping, including designing manipulators, and working with CAD to design a robot chassis and a drive train. Meanwhile, our Media department is in the progress of redesigning our team’s pit, along with designing this year’s giveaway.

Build Season – Week 2:

Welcome to the second weekly update for the team, The Centurions 2472! After brainstorming strategies and designs for our robot in small groups and as a team together, each department has strongly jumped into creating our robot for the 2018 game, Power Up. Our Mechanical department has concluded that the prototype chassie will be skinny and is prototyping arms and the lift system. The CAD department decided on prototype designs, downloaded parts for the chassie design, researched guide rail climbers, worked on intake arms, and collaborated with Mechanical on a final chassie design. The Programming department are tuning PID F Loops which sets the motor to a specific velocity, updated our software, and is beginning preliminary camera tracking. Finally, the Electrical department fixed the practice bot, and is patiently waiting for Mechanical to finish the other robot.