Team History

2018 Team

Captain: Matthew Ardito

The 2018 FRC Team 2472 is led by President Mathew Ardito and Vice President Daksha Gummadi.

Captain: Stefan Bramscher

The 2017 FRC team 2472 was led by President Stefan Bramscher and Vice President Matthew Ardito .

Captain:Katy Smude

The 2016 FRC team 2472 was led by President Katy Smude and Vice President Stefan Bramscher.

Captain: Chris DeWidt

The 2015 FRC team 2472 was led by President Chris DeWidt and Vice President Katy Smude.

Captain: Sam Rafferty

The 2014 FRC team 2472 was led by President Sam Rafferty, and Vice President Chris DeWidt. With the team having an oddly large number of new members, the senior members must pass on their knowledge before they leave. We placed 5th overall in the qualifying rounds of Minne Mini Regionals, but lost in the first round of the championship bracket. For the first time we held a Week Zero Practice Regional, The Sweetheart Regional, in collaboration with team 2052, the Knightcrawlers. We were able to compete at both the Lake Superior Regionals held in Duluth and the North Star Regionals held at Marriucci Arena in Minneapolis.  We were chosen for an alliance of the championship brackets at both the Lake Superior and North Star Regionals, however we did not place.

2013 Team

Co-Captains: Garrett Jensen & Sam Rafferty

The 2013 FRC team 2472 was led by our first co-captain duo of Garrett Jensen and Sam Rafferty.

2012 Team

Captain: Tyler Miller

The 2014 FRC team 2472 was led by President Tyler Miller and Vice-President Josh Pham. With most of the more of the experienced members gone we had the challenge in attempting to rebuild the lost knowledge, which met with mixed success within this season. Rebound Rumble was an interesting challenge for the team, we ended up going to two regionals, Duluth, and St. Paul. The Duluth Regional was met with many challenges, as both team leaders were out on pre-planned vacations. The team more or less fell apart at this regional, and came in 20th place overall, and was the first regional the team did not make it into the finals. St Paul went well for the team, as we finished in 13th overall and were picked into the finals by Team 2220, Blue Twilight. We were also joined in this venture by Team 2177, the Robettes. Unfortunately we ran into some connection problems and lost in the semifinals. Although we didn’t make it as far as we wanted we still did better than we did in Duluth and had much more spirit. In the end we had plenty of fun with Rebound Rumble and are looking forward to FIRST’s next challenge

2011 Team

Captain: Kyle McMullan

The 2014 FRC team 2472 was led by Captain Kyle McMullan and Vice-Captain Calvin Cafferty. During the 2011 season, the Centurions, mostly senior members, started their last year on the team. That season’s game, LogoMotion, in honor of Jack Kamen, was both a challenge and a success for our team. During the season, the team started rebuilding their website, which was lost due to data errors. As well as undertaking this large task, the team also started training younger members to fill the ranks when the seniors move on to college and beyond.

The team had some hitches along the road, but made it to the Regional Competition, and had already signed up for the national competition as well. During the regionals, we were picked to be on the 7th seed team alliance, and lost in the quarter finals. The team may not have won, but had national competition to look forward too. National competition didn’t go too well for the team, being near dead last due to programming and mechanical errors that cropped up. However, the team managed to have fun at the national competition, and hopes to be back soon.

2010 Team

Captain: John Durivage

The 2014 FRC team 2472 was led by Captain John Durivage and Vice Captain Ben Lattner, the Centurions entered their third year with hope and excitement. The new game was Breakaway, a soccer-themed competition with a few twists thrown in. The field was divided into three sections, separated by a foot-high barrier that could be driven over, with the option of driving under it through a tunnel in the middle. The goals were in the corners of the field, and bonus points could be earned at the end of the game if the robot could ascend and hang from one of the towers located above the tunnels.

After an extensive design process, our team created robot that would be able to score with a kicker, as well as earn the extra points by hanging. Also, if necessary, it could go over the barriers to change between offense and defense. The kicker could launch a ball well over the barriers, either to score or get it to another team member on offense. To hang, our robot would extend a rod with a grappling hook on the end, then hoist itself up with a pulley.

We again entered the North Star Regional, where we experienced our share of wins and losses. Our efforts were noticed by sixth-ranked team 1764 (Liberty Robotics), and were asked to join their alliance. We made it to the semi-finals, but were defeated after a few rounds. Even though we lost, knew there were other years and more competitions to prove the might of the Centurions.

2009 Team

Captain: Braden Eliason

The 2009 FRC team 2472 was led by Captain Braden Eliason and Vice Captain John Durivage led the team in their return after a promising rookie year. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon, FIRST designed a competition that would simulate the lowered gravity of the lunar surface, titled Lunacy. The field was a white plastic, and the robots were given special low-traction wheels that made accelerating and navigating a challenge. The goal was to get special balls (called orbit balls) off the ground and into a trailer being towed behind the opposing team’s robot.

The whole team worked hard collaborating in the design process, creating mock-ups, and constructing the final robot. In the end our team decided on a robot with an S-bend to gather the orbit balls and carry them up to a hopper on the top of the robot. The hopper had two wheels that would accelerate the balls out, instead of simply dropping them, so that orbit balls would still make it to the trailer of an escaping opponent. The design was called the Power Pez, as it resembled a Pez dispenser.

At the North Star Regional we exhibited the capabilities of the Power Pez design. Though we did not place in the top eight, third-ranked team 1816 noticed our adeptness, and we graciously joined their alliance. Together with the Green Machine and the Tomahawks, we won our way to the final round, where after two thrilling rounds we were defeated when our robot experienced a communication error. Though we didn’t move on to the national competition, we were pleased by our success, and it encouraged us to keep aiming for the top.


2008 Team

Captain: Christian Kni

The 2008 FRC team 2472 was led by Captain Christian Kni and Vice Captain Braden Eliason.

Rookie all star award recipients.


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