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2015 – Recycle Rush

Build Style: It was designed to pick up totes from the landfill zone and stack them with a recycling bin on top.
Scoring Method: Stacking totes from the landfill, but it was also able to stack recycling bins. It had difficulty stacking totes from the feeding station
Autonomous: Programmed
Other Information: This robot allowed us to win 2nd place at Duluth and make it to our first State Competition.


2014 – Aerial Assist

Build Style: It was designed to pick up balls rapidly and catapult them into the top goal
Manipulator: Rear-mounted arm with wheels to pick up the large game pieces
Wheels: Four Wheel Mechanum drive
Scoring Method: Shooting into the high goal was a main goal but we also designed it so we could pass the ball to get assists
Autonomous: Programmed and decently accurate
Other Information: This robot allowed us to reach the highest qualifying rank in our team history. All around it was robustly built and good at most tasks.

2013 – Ultimate Ascent

Build Style: It was designed to be loaded with Frisbees by the human players to score.
Manipulator: Frisbees could be loaded into the top by a human player
Wheels: Four Rubberized Wheel drive
Scoring Method: Primarily by shooting Frisbees into the goal
Autonomous: Programmed, but not accurate.
Other Information: This robot had a telescoping hook mechanism to gain extra points in the end game. Unfortunately, the robot was too heavy and we rarely were able to lift ourselves up.

2012 – Rebound Rumble


Build Style: Designed for 3rd Hoop Scoring, and balancing.
Manipulator: Fly-Wheel Powered Cannon device, and Bridge Drop.
Wheels: Four Wheel Rubberized drive
Scoring Method: Shot balls into the 3rd hoop, also attempted to bring down the bridge.
Autonomous: Programmed, but not accurate.
Other Information: This robot has preformed failry well so far in competition. Scoring with it has been subject to where the positioning is on the court, but it has still done okay.

2011 – Logomotion


Build Style: Designed for all phases of the competition, and all levels of scoring.
Manipulator: Ladder-powered Forklift System
Wheels: Four Wheel Mechanum drive
Scoring Method: Placed the inner tubes on the rack, usually from the top to the bottom for maximum points.
Autonomous: Wasn’t programmed.
Other Information: This robot preformed fairly well during the competition. Being able to score with both our ladder and a (slow) minibot was a great boon for the team. We made it to nationals through signing up before the season began, and due to the destruction of our Forklift system, did not do so well.

2010 – Breakaway


Build Style: Designed for all shooting and defense
Manipulator: Wooden Foot
Wheels: Four 2 wheel drive, Carpets in Back and Omni’s in Front
Scoring Method: Used autonomous code to shoot early in the game, then shoot whatever came it’s way and defended what it could. This robot was also able to hang from the tower in the center of the field.
Autonomous: Was programmed to shoot the balls placed in front of it before teleop mode was engaged.
Other Information: This robot performed well during competition, but was plagued with errors such as treads falling off the wheels and some comm errors. Besides this fact, the robot did make it to semifinals, and lost.

2009 – Lunacy

Heracles Mark II

Build Style: Designed for all phases of the competition
Manipulator: Flywheel-powered Dumping Mechanism
Wheels: Four Wheel Drive System
Scoring Method: Dumped “Moon Rocks” into the opponents’ trailer
Autonomous: Was programmed, and its primary function was to get away from the human players that could load rocks into the trailer.
Other Information: This robot was by far one the of the best the team had designed. Built durably, its only failing was a dead Jaguar in the final competition at North Star Regionals. We missed making the Championship by just a few seconds due to the failure.

2008 – Overdrive


Build Style: Simple and effective, just to get something on the floor.
Manipulator: Raising Forklift
Wheels: Traction Back and Omni Front
Scoring Method: Circling the Track and Transporting Balls
Autonomous: Was programmed, but had some successes and failures, not the most reliable.
Other Information: The Robot build itself was simple and reliable, and was able to compete with very few problems in the competition. Using a multitude of scoring methods, the team secured the Rookie All-Star Award with this robot, and thereby secured a trip to the national Competition.

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